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Mitsubishi Montero

 I'll post projects and repairs as they're completed.

The fan in front of the air conditioner compressor corroded a wire and needed replacement. The dealer wanted $312 for a replacement motor. Fellow Montero owners suggested replacing it with a stock Hayden fan. I hope these pictures and instructions will help you if you decide to tackle the same project. It was fairly easy and saved over $233.


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Remove the fan and all brackets from the front of the truck.

This is the stock fan after removal. One dealer quoted me $312 for a replacement.

Remove the two bolts and two nuts securing the radiator to permit allow access to the rear of the condensor. This should give you enough room to cut off the cablelocks that secure the fan to the condensor. I was skeptical at first about the method of attachment, but it is quite secure. I only worry what will happen if I need to remove the fan to replace the condensor.

This is the replacement. I selected the 14" Hayden that cost $79 at Pep Boys in Houston Texas.

Clip the wires on the old fan so you can reuse the connector. The fan is reversable so make sure you connect it properly. The fan should push air through the condensor. On my truck, connecting the yellow on the fan to the black on the Mitsu connection did the job. The instructions say to ground the other lead. Since this needs to be inline to the air conditioner, connect the other wire to the other lead on the connector instead of a ground.

The 14" fan is a snug fit - I suggest using the 12" fan for an easier installation. Slip the fan into place and reinstall the center support to make sure it clears the fan. before attaching the fan permanently. This picture shows what the completed job will look like before reinstalling the grill. I temporarily used wire nuts to wire the fan until I have time to solder the connections and make the wiring neater.

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