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LM  Golden Glitter
Registered 4 year old Paint Gelding
Rare Lineback Palomino
Dark golden color, light mane and tail, darker dorsal stripe and primitive or tiger marking on legs.

  Houston Texas
$ SOLD $

Thanks for all the interest

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Feb. 14, 1998: This gelding just went on his first trail ride and acted like an old pro. He crossed water, jumped logs, would lead or follow without getting excited. Nothing scares this trooper and he'll only get better with age.

Feb 28, 1998: Glitter went to a kids party and patiently allowed over 30 kids ride him for hours. This was in an open park and many of the kids rode by themselves. The kids jumped, screamed, waved their hands, crawled all over him, and Glitter loved every minute. Parents also rode, and he behaved just as well. Some young horses take advantage of beginners - Glitter was always the gentleman.

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LM Golden Glitter
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Brains, Beauty and Brawn!

(Dorsal stripe and tiger markings on legs!)

Look at those legs

and muscles!  



Tim Constance
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