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Beaches of Texas Click on pictures for larger view.





Almost all of Texas beaches are drive on and most are very tame. I've driven most every mile of Texas beach. You can drive north from Bolivar nearly to Lousiana. The beach is ugly, there is an old washed out road that confuses things and once was enough for that ride. Matagorda is the closest decent destination. Drive south on 59 to Wharton and then south to Matagorda. You can drive about 23 miles north and on good days never need 4H, but the soft sand keeps most 2 wheelers away so it is fairly deserted. There is no way to get to the beach with your own vehicle from Matagord south to Port Aransas. Port Aransas to South Padre can be negotiated by 2 wheelers. A few miles south of Corpus Christi turns into Padre Island National Beach. This is about sixty miles of 4wd only. Most of it is tame, but there are a few spots called Big Shell and Little Shell that get soft at times. One drawback is that the beach deadends at jetties and the only way back is to turn around. To get to the last part of the beach you have to drive most of the way to Mexico. Go to Port Isabel and drive north about 20 miles to the south side of the jetty that you can get to from Padre Island National Seashore. There are a few miles of beach south of Port Isabel, but few people go there since illegal aliens sometimes frequent that beach. South Padre near Port Isabel has the prettiest water in Texas. It gets progressively dirtier and uglier the closer you get to Louisiana and the Mississippi river.

A - Port Isabel Jetty

B - Port Mansfield Jetty

B - Fish Pass Jetty

C - Port Aransas Jetty

D - Port Oconner Jetty

E - Matagorda Jetty

F - Surfside Jetty


Surfcam in Surfside Texas

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